• Gone are those days when laptop games were a joke. Nowadays, with improving technology and powerful computers being churned out, the laptop computer gaming experience has greatly improved. While desktop gaming machines still outrank them when it comes to firepower, they hold their own quite admirably as well.

    Contrary to what many people think, not all gaming laptops are expensive. A large number are, no doubt, but there are a few yet, that fall below $1,000 and we will be discussing those below, including their pros and cons.

    1.) DELL XPS 15-L502X

    PROS: this laptop has a high res screen with awesome JBL speakers as well. The laptop’s CPU is from the latest Intel i-series and while Nvidia handles the graphics. Already, the laptops have standard graphics, but even at that, for those who would like, it includes configuration settings one can use to improve on this. This is the least expensive one we will be discussing, and upgrades move the cost over the normal retail price of about $799.

    CONS: The laptop is somewhat bulky and a bit plain to look at. Also, while alright, the battery could stand to last longer.

    2.) ASUS U31SD A1

    PROS: While, compared to the other laptops on this list, this one has the smallest screen, it still comes up quite strong in the graphics department. Also, being a mere 1 inch, this laptop is rather thin, which is a good thing.

    CONS: The laptop does not have an optical drive and also, for some reason, lacks some of the usual high-end ports and also features such as USB 3.0 and even Bluetooth.


    This laptop is really great and at the price range, given the features, it is almost perfect. It has a fast processor, awesome graphics, and Blu-ray along with Harman/Kardon speakers as well.

    CONS: Personally, I didn’t quite fancy its plastic case which was also quite thick. The battery life was also not very impressive.

    To rate this, based on personal experience and preference, I would put the Toshiba satellite at first place followed by the Dell XPS 15 (as a result of the price in comparison with what you’re getting), then in third place would have to be the ASUS U31SD, which is not a bad system either and has the advantage of being quite compact.

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